Coloring on trend: Balayage, Babylights, and more!

 Balayage:  A coloring technique used for highlighting the hair in which the product is painted on to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. A great alternative for those looking for something other than the traditional hightlight/lowlighting service. This is also a great option for those looking to extend the time between appointments, resulting in a low maintenance color with endless options.  

Babylights: Very delicate highlights created by using a very fine coloring technique to mimic the blonde or lighter hues achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun. Babylights can be applied on any hair color or hair type, making this trend good for all ages.

Color Melting: A technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair so there is no harsh lines between the different colors.  Multiple shades are used in color melting hair to create the smooth transition. It’s a trend that makes any hair color look like it could have happened naturally.

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